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NOS4A2 - Joe Hill

"Dinner!" calls my husband from the kitchen, way off in the distance.


"But, wait," I think, "I only have 30 more pages to read in NOS4A2! How can I stop for roast chicken and potatoes when everything is on the line? What about Lou? Vic? Wayne?!!"


It was a very quick and quiet dinner, and the dishes waited until I could find out what happened at the end of Joe Hill's incredibly creepy and surprisingly sweet psychological thriller.


In the opening pages of NOS4A2, children are disappearing. Where do they go? Can they be saved? Do they WANT to be saved? To find out, you'll have to read nearly 700 pages. But trust me, they fly by.


I loved every last word. And yes, Joe, I even read the acknowledgements. All of them.


This is a thriller, no doubt, with some genuinely warped characters and Tim Burton-esque scenery, but it's also a coming of age story. It's about a girl and her bike and a bridge and all the choices we all make every day. And how hard it is to go back and get it right, although sometimes we get that second chance.


To me, it was also about the power and limits of both reality and imagination, and the places where the two intersect. Hill manages to make these points and still keeps the action moving (with only a bit of a slowdown midway through) and intrigue intact, until the final pages.


I didn't need dessert.