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2014 CIPA EVVY Awards Submission Now Open!

Hello and thank you for your interest in submitting to the 20th annual CIPA EVVY book awards!



This is a big year for the CIPA EVVY’s—we’re one of the longest-running independent book awards in the United States. Our goal with the CIPA EVVYs is to help audiences everywhere know which are the “best of the best” books published from 2010 to 2013.


Below you will find specific directions on how to submit your book (or books!) for awards.  We ask that you do the entire submission process on-line.



We are opening the competition to print, eBooks and audio books.  However, please note the following:



IMPORTANT—if your book is in both print and electronic formats (eBook and/or audio book) you must submit a print book for all print and appropriate technical categories. If your book is produced in an eBook or audio book format, then you may submit only those files.


For example: You have a children’s book that you want to submit for the children’s story book and the children’s illustration categories.  You have a print and an ebook. ONLY send the print books to the address listed below.  If you submit your children’s book for the eBook technical category, then you would submit an ebook as well as the print books.  If your book is ONLY produced in eBook or audio book format, then you would submit the eBook or the audio book for all categories.



The process for submitting books to the 2014 CIPA EVVY competition includes several steps.  



2014 CIPA EVVY Submission Process


PLEASE Read the Rules and Guidelines for a FULL EXPLANATION of the submission process