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Sharing Eden: Green Teachings from Jews, Christians and Muslims - Natan Levy

Sharing Eden covers a wide range of religious beliefs in a package small enough to make us believe there are really very few crucial differences in our various belief systems.


Authors Natan Levy, David Shreeve, and Harfiyah Haleem offer this small guidebook as a place to start talking about the places where different faiths may intersect, particularly on environmental issues. As Jewish, Christian, and Muslim writers, the authors offer a sampler of varied readings and teachings that show how the common threads of stewardship, conservation, and cooperation run through each of the Abrahamic faiths.


To this end, they share quotations from the Torah, the Bible and the Qu’ran and discussion about how these teachings relate to six modern environmental issues: sustainability, water, energy, climate change, food, and biodiversity. It’s a daunting list, but one of the book’s strengths is that it comforts us with reminders us of our shared human agreement to care for our environment and each other.


Sharing Eden is not a thorough discussion of each faith’s perspective, or the science of climate change. Instead, it is a welcome introduction to these ideas, a starting point for constructive and hopeful planning for the future.