Many paths to recovery, from one who knows

Recover to Live: Kick Any Habit, Manage Any Addiction: Your Self-Treatment Guide to Alcohol, Drugs, Eating Disorders, Gambling, Hoarding, Smoking, Sex, and Porn - Christopher Kennedy Lawford

                Christopher Kennedy Lawford knows addiction, having struggled for sobriety nearly his whole life. Here he offers tested tools for overcoming any addiction, at any stage. Lawford explores a broad spectrum of dependencies – “The Seven Toxic Compulsions” – that fall under the umbrella of addictions.


He does not go into great detail about his personal experience with drug and alcohol dependence; this is not a memoir. It’s a readable reference book, filled with eye-opening statistics, pertinent research results, and quotations from some of the most distinguished minds in mental health today.


                Alcohol, drugs, food, gambling, hoarding, sex, and smoking are on Lawford’s list of toxic compulsions, and he addresses each in turn, calling on a variety of experts. We hear from Harvard professor Dr. Howard Shaffer, sex addiction specialist Dr. Patrick Carnes, and addiction-counselor-to-the-stars, Dr. Drew Pinsky, among a great many others. None offers an in-depth analysis, and the sheer variety of opinions can be overwhelming, but their collective experience offers a valuable perspective on addictions and how to treat them.