Working Moms, You're Not Alone

Maxed Out: American Moms on the Brink - Katrina Alcorn

This book is for every mother who ever wondered why she seemed to be in charge of everything, and felt so very, very alone with her responsibilities. Katrina Alcorn is here to tell you: It's not you.


It's every parent in the United States struggling to maintain some career clout, or just make ends meet, while raising a family.


Alcorn knows how it is, and shares her story here, not just to express her own emotions (although she does this with great clarity and humility) but also to bring awareness to the growing problems of American families who are stressed to their wit's ends by trying to hold it all together day by day.


Alcorn has it all: a supportive husband, an understanding boss, an enviable job, and a beautiful new baby. And then another baby. And a stepdaughter. She's sure that, as long as nothing ever goes wrong, she can handle the commute, the clients, the daycare pickup and dropoff, the housework, the bedtime routine, etc. It's all perfectly organized on that giant spreadsheet she keeps on the refrigerator door. Unfortunately, life does not conform to the rows and columns on a spreadsheet, and it all comes tumbling down.


As a mother who once got almost to daycare and work when her 1-year-old vomited all over the back seat of the car, I know how fast it can fall apart. I appreciated Alcorn's honesty about her experience, and her willingness to share it. So many women think they are the only ones, but it's simply not true.


I also liked the way Alcorn framed her story with facts. She includes information about workplace rights for nursing mothers, statistics about family leave laws in our country and others, and analysis of employment trends over the past several decades. This information makes it clear that her story is not unique.


(Read from an ARC provided by NetGalley; Due out August 28, 2013)