Go along for the ride

Joyland - Stephen King


How does he do it?


I expected Joyland to be a nostalgic, pulp-fiction throwback. I figured it would be a little creepy, set in an amusement park that was once the scene of a brutal murder that has gone unsolved for years. And, well, it's a Stephen King novel.


As much as I trust the man (though he lost me for a while around the Under The Dome period) I didn't expect to fall in love with the story and its characters. I never expected to be weeping bittersweet tears at the end.


How does he do it?


I've decided I don't want to know. There's probably a way to pick apart his technique, but who wants to? The joy of a carnival ride is in the feeling of flying, not in knowing how the gears and levers work.


You probably don't want to know. Just enjoy the ride.