Too Far Away

Far Far Away - Tom McNeal

I think I like my fairy tales a little darker.


Tom McNeal's Far, Far Away has elements I adored, like the ghostly presence of one of the brothers Grimm and a baker who makes magical pastries. Who could resist?


Still, I have to admit I didn't quite make it all the way through. I liked "King of Nerdistan" Jeremy very much, and his intrepid gal pal Ginger as well. It's just that I kept forgetting what, exactly, these kids were supposed to be doing.


There's a prank-gone bad, an agoraphobic father, a blossoming romance, and a quiz show, so you would think there was plenty of action to move the story along. Instead, I got stuck on the details, as delightful and quirky as they are (A "two-book" bookstore and green smoke signals from the bakery among them).


Then I would remember, Oh, the kids need to save the grownups from themselves! And the ghost needs to find a way to move on to the next realm. Right, that's it!


Charming, but lacks a true storyteller's touch.